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Welcome to the Richmond Police Department's community crime mapping web site.

Law Enforcement Data Information and Disclaimer

This Web site provides access to law enforcement complaint information. These reports are based on preliminary information supplied to the Richmond Police Department. The incident data has not been verified or subjected to quality control and is subject to change upon further investigation. The data does not reflect official Part One crimes as reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

Icons representing complaint locations on the map are intended to indicate the block in which the incident allegedly occurred and do not reflect the exact incident location. Multiple incidents occurring at the same location have been dispersed in a radial pattern. Only incidents occurring within City of Richmond boundaries are displayed.

The data displayed on this Web site reflect allegations of incidents that have been reported to law enforcement. The data is susceptible to a degree of error due to the complexities involved in data collection, entry and geoprocessing. No warranty or guarantee is made nor implied regarding the content, geographic accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the data.

NOTE: Statistics may not include reclassified incidents, ungeoverified incidents and are subject to data entry backlog.

The Richmond Police Department is not liable to users for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, or incidental losses or damages of any kind or character resulting from or arising out of the display of the case report information on this web site.

About the Application

The Richmond Police Department is pleased to provide this GIS interface to law enforcement complaint report data. The information on the maps represents a great diversity of activity, from serious crimes to "information only" reports. It is provided to help members of the community learn about activity in their neighborhoods. To help you understand which crimes are listed on this site, take a look at our Crime Dictionary on the Start or Help page.

This website has been designed to allow access to Richmond Police Department crime data. Although we have tried to make this exchange of information as easy as possible, this process is still evolving. We welcome your comments or suggestions to make improvements. If you would like to offer feedback, you can send an email to [email protected].

Note to Dial-up users: Due to the volume of data being communicated, a user with connection speeds of 28.8 kbps or slower may experience some delays in transmission.

Note about Web Browsers: CrimeView Community works best when viewed with either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Certain features of this site may not function properly if using other browser software.

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